Request for Proposal

Project Description: Conducting Theosophical week-end sessions

Company Name: Far Horizons, Inc.

Address: 2004 N Fine Ave # 102
Fresno, CA 93727

Telephone Number: 559-251-2128

E-mail Address:

1. Background/Introduction: Far Horizons, Inc. operates a Theosophical camp located in the Sierra Mountains between Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia Park.

2. Project Goals and Scope of Service: Far Horizons, Inc. is seeking the services of presenters who can facilitate a 4-day session (Wednesday evening through Sunday lunch) on Theosophy and spirituality including such topics as the study of comparative religion, Philosophy and Science, Hiking, Arts and Crafts, Yoga, Astronomy, Photography, Folk Dancing, Nature Study, Meditation, Indian lore, Investigation of unexplained Laws of Nature and the power of man, and 12-step recovery programs. The facilitator will be responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive workshop. Please fill out the following form: