Who are we?

Far Horizons is a non-profit Camp based on non-discriminatory values.

Nestled in the majestic wilderness of the Giant Sequoia National Monument in the high sierras, Far Horizons is midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, one hour east of Fresno at 7200 feet. Far Horizons is electricity‑free (lighted and heated with propane), and provides a magical place to experience pure nature.


Far Horizons Camp was founded in 1954 by G.V. and Mary Hull. The camp was created as a practical experiment in applying Christian principles to daily life.

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An All-Volunteer Board

The Far Horizons mission is to foster an experience of awareness and aliveness for all.

The board of Far Horizons is the official body serving to fulfill this mission. The board is a volunteer committee of elected camp members who are also members of the Theosophical Society. With direct responsibility for camp operations, programs, facilities, marketing and management, the board is committed to the long-term viability of our precious camp environment.

There are 7 board members, each whom serve for 3 years in that capacity. Each year, some board seats are reelected and incumbents are retained. This provides ongoing stability to the board by ensuring the previous year’s knowledge is retained and carried forward.

Summer Goals:

Provide quality service and support to the camp, to every volunteer, and to every camper/visitor. Be proactive and resourceful in supporting the camp, and every camper’s needs.

Maintain a positive, harmonious attitude in every interaction. Develop an enhanced level of work performance and teamwork.

To boldly enrich the far horizons experience for all (including yourself).