Work, Play, Camp at Far Horizons

June 12-16, 2023

Come help with opening Far Horizons Camp for a great summer. Retired, young and older, single or married, any and all are invited to help with getting Far Horizons ready for this season. Various work projects are needed to be done to get Camp ready. These include readying cabins for occupation, arranging the kitchen, cleaning needles and pinecones from around buildings, and possibly doing some painting as well as finishing the reconstruction of the deck on Sugar Pine Cabin.

Work during the day, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, (6 hours). Afternoons and evenings for visiting the Giant Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park, Grant Grove, and Kings Canyon N. P. With swimming and boating at Hume Lake, or resting, socializing, games and campfires available in Camp. (Lodging and three meals a day are offered for your stay at Far Horizons.)

We will also be able to accommodate a flex schedule depending on workload and camp
programs…ask Staff for details.

Register by May 15th as limited occupancy is available.

For information and/or to sign-up to help please call:

Henry Laemmlen – (559) 305-2021

Ruth – (559) 804-0388 /  Camp Director/President

Gabriel Rodriguez – (800) 836-7155 /  (Operations Director)


Workshop Getaway--Sold Out


“El Sermon de la Montaña” by Carloz Tamez

July 28-30, 2023


“Take a Chance with Dance” By Kara Bithell

August 3-6, 2023

Explore ideas using dance, improvisation, body awareness, and healing arts modalities for an opportunity to learn more about a movement language that supports the journey to personal discovery and living well. Using Somatics (body movement and awareness), Self- Awareness (healing modalities such as Reiki/Sound/Touch), and Surprise (Improvisation and Chance) this program is designed for all levels and abilities. When using organic movement qualities and nature this opens up the possibility to transform our relationship to our bodies and our surroundings. This program will be inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the Far Horizons retreat areas as we dance and play within the trees, blue sky, fresh air and wonderful surroundings of Nature.

*Possibility of sight-specific/outdoor dancing if weather permits

As a dance teacher, body worker, and healer Kara uses movement to help others awaken to a path of healing through curiosity and perception. With 30 years of experience in teaching dance and creating dances (with an emphasis on Experiential Anatomy and Contact Improvisation) and combining the healing arts (Reiki/Sound/Ceremony) she encourages others to sense and feel the Spirit of movement through gentle exploration and inquiry.

You can contact Kara directly using the info below for more information about this program.

“Retiro Para Mujeres: Sendero del Alma” by Mariana Ramirez

August 3-6, 2023

Te invito a pausar – A desconectarte del mundo fugaz y acelerado para reconectarte con la energía tranquilizante sanadora de la naturaleza.

Te invito a descansar – A poner pausa a las demandas externas, y al celular, para verdaderamente descansar y nutrir tus sentidos con los sonidos, colores, olores sabores, y texturas de la naturaleza.

Te invito a reflexionar – A reconsiderar los estándares de éxito y belleza que se te imponen, social y culturalmente, y analizar cómo estos han afectado tu salud física, mental y emocional.

Te invito a auto analizar – A crear espacio para la introspección, autoevaluación y autovaloración de tu ser. Y desde ahí atender tus verdaderas necesidades y anhelos.

Te invito a vibrar en hermandad – A conectar, aprender, sanar y renacer con otras mujeres que resuenan con esta invitación.

Te invito a aprender – Diferentes modalidades que permitan nutrir a tu ser a profundidad para fortalecerlo y sostenerlo sin importar a donde te lleven los senderos de la vida.

Únete a este retiro para mujeres. Durante cuatro días disfrutaremos de actividades para la salud física, mental, emocional, y espiritual. Usaremos una variedad de modalidades incluyendo: círculo de mujeres, Ayurveda, yoga, meditación, ejercicios de respiración, senderismo consciente, journaling (diario), etc. Esto sucederá en un lugar mágico en el Parque Nacional Sequoia, mientras disfrutamos del bosque, fogatas, comida vegetariana, contemplación de estrellas y una desconexión total de la electricidad e internet.

Pueden contactar a Mariana directamente usando la informacion siguiente pra mas informacion sobre este programa.

August 4-6: "Sproul Family Adventure" - Linda Sproul


August 9-13, 2023

“Taste of Cooking” by Adaniel Lepe Camacho

You will learn the natural alternatives to incorporate into your wellness lifestyle. We will focus on Holistic Nutrition along with Super Food Prep, Practical Reflexology with Partner Thai Yoga Massage, Natural Remedies for your Aromatic Personal Care Products, Integrated Mobility Awareness and Universal Compassionate Language for a more peaceful emotional state. With all these natural modalities you will help prevent health challenges to your loved ones, and/ or clients.


"The Amazing Night Sky!" by Carol Polanskey & Friends

August 17-20, 2023

Carol Polanskey is a planetary scientist and science systems engineer who as spent over 30 years as a member of teams operating space missions, exploring planets and asteroids throughout the solar system.

Join Carol and her colleagues in enjoying the dark night sky at Far Horizons. This weekend follows a new Moon, providing the best conditions to view celestial objects and catch a glimpse of meteors from the Perseid shower and Earth-orbiting satellites. Some telescopes and binoculars will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your own. Come listen to stories of what it takes to explore the solar system with robotic spacecraft, and get answers to your questions about the worlds beyond our Earth.


August 23-27, 2023

“The Spiritual Path of Theosophy” by Dr. Ken Campos

August 23-27, 2023

This workshop presents a clear and readily understandable introduction to the Perennial Philosophy. The three sections of the book: “Theosophical Tenets” from Concord Grove Press will be reviewed and discussed. Theosophy is a path of personal, spiritual, and psychological growth and development.

Bio: Ken Campos, MD, is a Life Professed theosophical Monk with The Paracelsian Order. He is a shamanic practitioner, who also has studied Golden Dawn traditions. Professionally, Ken is a holistic psychiatrist, a Distinguished Life Fellow in the American Psychiatric Association. He helps support and educate families living with schizophrenia.

WHY PEOPLE WILL LOVE the Event: Ken presents these “serious” ideas from Eastern philosophy with simplicity and a bit of humor. He leads engaging and meaningful discussion groups. In this group we will be adding our workshop’s energies to building the Age of Aquarius here on Earth with everyday-life spirituality.


For more information, contact Dr. Ken at 805-703-3346 and/or email:

“Ukulele Ohana (Family) Camp” by Ruth Laemmlen

August 23-27, 2023

How would you like to play your stringed instrument in the forest, under stars, or playing the “old camp songs” around a crackling fire? Oh yes, there will be planned visits to the sights in the National Parks as well. That and much more await you at Far Horizons Camp in the Sierra Mountains, where it is 20 degrees cooler than the Central Valley.

Far Horizons Camp is where the magic begins, and you can share your favorite music with other folks that love music and playing the ukulele (any size), guitars (without amplification), even violins, banjos and all kinds of rhythm instruments. These are all welcome.

You only need to register for this program, for four nights (even three or two nights are available). Then email Ruth at: your 2 sheets of your favorite music with the Cords marked above the words to be copied for all those that attend with you. Oh yes, you will need your own music stand. Then come prepared to really enjoy Far Horizons with a group of music lovers like yourself!!


August 30-Sept 3, 2023

September 3: Far Horizons Annual Meeting at 2:30 PM. (Members welcome to register to stay over-night.)

September 3-4: "Streetlight Ministries Over-Night" - David Ediger


Open for Programs

September 6-10, 2023

Far Horizons is looking for program presenters for our 2023 season!

Do you have a passion you would love to share with others, in the beauty of the High Sierra? Or do you know someone who could present their passion or hobby in a group setting?

Please respond directly to this email with your idea and what you would like to offer to guests of Far Horizons.

Ruth – (559) 804-0388 /

Gabriel Rodriguez – (800) 836-7155 /

Far Horizons is a Non-profit Camp based on non-discriminatory values. In the past we have held yoga camps, christian camps, writing workshops, team-building weekends, and more. The sky is the limit! Please don’t hesitate to share your idea and offer. Reach out and we can discuss logistics and details.

Looking forward to hearing from you,