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Far Horizons is a tax-exempt Theosophical Camp based on non-discriminatory values.  We work in partnership with the United States Forest Service. Nestled in the majestic wilderness of the Giant Sequoia National Monument in the high Sierra Nevada mountains, Far Horizons is midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco — one hour east of Fresno, CA at 7,200 feet in elevation.  Far Horizons is electricity-free (lighted and heated with propane), and provides a magical place to experience pure nature.

In preparation for the great Programs that scheduled for this year,  the following is our “WISH LIST”: 

“Wish List” Fund Raising – Far Horizons Camp – 2021

  1. *$500 for painting Chalet lower part of Hull Hall skirt of Lodge Pole Cabin and Sugar Pine porch and railing
  2. *$100 each for 5 Propane Lights
  3. *$1,400 for Morrison Insurance
  4. *$1,300 for Propane for Camp
  5. $800 Calif State Water Board
  6. $8,000 Maintenance Budget
  7. $ 2,000 Advertising Budget

Your donation of $10.00 or more for partial payment of any of these items would be so greatly appreciated.

So Plan to Make a Donation, now.
All gifts will be most gratefully accepted. 

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Far Horizons, Inc
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