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We do lights the old Fashion way before “Time” Come and Experience Vintage Living.  Your room is illuminated with Natural Sunlight and at night with propane lamps. You will be unable to use any small electrical appliances like hairdryers, curling irons, or electric razors. There are no fans or air conditioning in the rooms. If you want to read at night, you will need to bring a book light with you. There is limited outdoor lighting so you will need to carry a flashlight or use a headlamp at night. Candles and oil lamps are prohibited at camp, please do not bring them to the camp.

There is Limited cell phone & internet at the office of Far Horizons Camp.  In fact, you will begin to loose service once you enter the National Parks. We’ll have an emergency phone to use (incoming & outgoing). Our phone number is: 559-426-8012.

For reservation questions or issues during the off-season (October – June) feel free to Contact Us. Or you Can Call (800) 836-7155.

Please share this information with those back home that might need, for any reason, to get a hold of you while you are away. Make sure they know to leave your name, their name, and a contact number.

We recommend that people group up in advance. When you register you select the number of people you would like to share accommodations with. You will be prompted to list the names of all the registrants.

Young Adults: 12-18 years old are considered Adults and pay the same as Adults.

Children: 6-11 years old pay only one-half (½) The adult fees.

Children: 1-5 years old are FREE.

If you cancel or change any part of your reservation at least two (2) weeks before the start of your workshop(s), the balance will be refunded, less a $25-per-workshop fee, per-person processing fee. If you cancel a workshop with less than two weeks’ notice, you will receive a credit to be used at another Far Horizons program the same year or the following year.

Most cases of altitude sickness are caused by dehydration. Please pack a reusable water bottle and carry it with you while visiting the park. Make a point of drinking frequently throughout your visit.

Black bears are a critical part of the park ecosystem. For the safety of our guests and the wild bears, please respect the park guidelines on bear encounters.

Please bring a flashlight. Plan on packing clothing for both warm and cold weather. Because of the center’s high altitude, the weather can be changeable, and the evenings are often cool. Other important items include a reusable water bottle, flashlight/headlamp, bug repellant, yoga mat, musical instruments, books, art supplies, a camp chair, rechargeable batteries, and a spirit of adventure.