******************** 02/19/2020 – Andrew Klassen ********************
– removed discount group popup and all other popups
– changed “register 2019” to “register 2020”
– removed kurt as a presenter
– moved the text on the presenters page to the right of the presenters photo
– removed menu item “request for proposal”
– added “what not to bring”
– removed Gabriel on the contact page
– updated the camp phone number on the contact page
– removed the “sequoia park” from contact page
– linked a google maps page to the directions
– layout of main menu bar was changed to Rita’s specifications
– schedule page was added
– fixed mistake in reservations

******************** 02/07/2020 – Andrew Klassen ********************
– added red_flower and log_path photo to the gallery
– proof read and corrected grammatical errors across the entire site
– removed the “dontate” main menu bar item because it did not link to anything
– made the custom payments on the membership sign up form more uniform
– added page links to “Membership” and “Plan your visit”
– updated contact email on the “request for proposal” page
– remove the “what not to pack” under the “what to pack” page because it did not contain any content
– removed a broken form from the activities page

******************** 02/05/2020 – Andrew Klassen ********************
– added some additional styling for the presenters page
– css class presenter-box was added as additional css, its used to style the box of each presenter div
– added Catherine Ann Jones as a presenter
– removed Ruth Laemmlen as a presenter and added her to the history page
– fixed some minor grammatical errors in the presenter’s bios and faqs page

Reservation form
– updated reservation times
– the user selecting the reservation time now shows the corresponding course description
– added the “how did you hear about us?” field
– the fields that asks the user for the “number of guests” were not accepting the correct number of guests, I fixed this

– made the “about us” and “faqs” page, standard size for paragraph text 21px, this font is larger than previous size
– finished the theosphy page
– finished the history page
– switched the position of the “Contact” and “About Us” menu bar items