Whether you seek serenity or kinship, tranquil quiet or the challenge of personal inner exploration, we invite you to experience Far Horizons.

Far Horizons is a haven inspired by Theosophy for those seeking rejuvenation for the body and soul. It is located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco (about 5.5 hours from each) deep in the Sierra mountains east of Fresno, CA in the Sequoia National Monument.

Far Horizons offers opportunities for group participation, quiet space, study, and fun. There is plenty of free time during our programs, making Far Horizons a choice “base camp” for those who wish to also seek the pleasures of hiking, horseback riding, and boating in the National Parks that you must drive through to reach us.

There is a shuttle service that runs daily from Visalia to The Giant Forest Museum:

Shuttle Service

The closest stops to the camp are The Wuksachi Lodge (15 miles) or The Lodgepole Visitors Center (18 miles).