Camp Opening Volunteer Opportunities Available Now!
Please call for information:

CAMP OPENING June  3 – 13 Volunteer  for opening. Email  volunteer@farhorizons.org or call Karen Schweizer at 239-603-6058.

If you would like to be of service and more fully participate in the community of Far Horizons, we encourage you to join our summer staff.

Work Parties for Camp Opening & Closing: Extra volunteers join us each year in June to wake the camp up from its winter slumber and then in September to prepare it once again for its winter hibernation. We offer free room and board for work days of 6-8 hours.


Please note any specialized skills (eg. plumbing, maintenance, carpentry, cooking, housekeeping) when contacting us to take part in the work party. For more information, volunteer@farhorizons.org

Fellowship Staff: If you would like to pursue a deeper and more intensive commitment to Far Horizons, and are 18 or older, consider applying for a “fellowship staff” position. They require a minimum commitment of one month and longer commitments are encouraged and appreciated. Duties include cooking, raking/wood gathering, maintenance, cleaning, or office work for 6 hours a day, with one full day off each week in return for food, housing and gratitude.

All program, food and lodging fees are waived for Fellowship Staff members.

We are always seeking volunteers, so you may be able to volunteer even on short notice, though generally we want commitments by May 15.